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Professional Micro Market, Vending, & Coffee Service


Cantaloupe Vending Management Systems

Having a vending machine in the office may keep employees satisfied throughout the day, but they can be hard to keep track of. There is the constant task of having to pay attention to when items have to be restocked. With the Cantaloupe Vending Management System, you can make vending tracking easier.

The Cantaloupe Vending Management System tracks a vending machine’s inventory and sales trends by seed technology and cellular transmission. A seed device is installed at the vending machine and it will gather and send real time information wirelessly. When an item is running low the provider is sent a restock alert right away.

The Cantaloupe Vending Management System allows you to create a custom vending plan with all of you and your employees’ favorites. It will track the items that are constantly sold and will offer customized meal selections based on what is being purchased. You will also be able to have access to the tracking information. You can see specific times of when items are selling and other sales data. as well.

A plus of having the Cantaloupe Vending Management System is it is an environmental friendly system. It has a 50% carbon reduction with automatic dispatching. It will also save your company about $150 per year on your utility bill as there is an energy reduction as well in the system.

The Cantaloupe Vending Management System will make office vending easier. No more worrying about when an item is out of stock or a broken machine. Start making office vending more convenient today!