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Professional Micro Market, Vending, & Coffee Service


Why Micro Markets Make Lunch Easy

Have you ever run out of the door and realized you either totally forgot to make a lunch or left your lunch sitting on the counter? Or have you ever packed a lackluster meal in a rush, chucked it into the office refrigerator and then dreaded returning to eat it while everyone else ate something enjoyable? Lunch should be a part of the workday everyone looks forward to and micro markets can bring joy back to your lunch break.

Always Available

Forgetting lunch can leave an employee miserable. Especially in areas where lunch options are limited or non-existent, a forgotten paper bag lunch can mean the difference between an energized and focused afternoon of work or an afternoon of rumbling stomachs and frustration where little gets done. Micro markets are prefect for these moments where lunch can become a problem during your day, providing your staff with easy and accessible healthy meals that are ready at a moment’s notice.

Delicious Options

The other thing about meals from a micro market is that they can be delicious. A banana and a soggy ham sandwich are not exactly the most exciting meal, especially if you’re watching what you’re eating and the rest of the office has ordered in pizza or something else. Micro markets give you tasty, fulfilling and healthy meals that can replace the lackluster options we’re sometimes forced to settle for when time and convenience don’t allow us to prepare something good to take with us to work.

Micro Markets Make Lunch Enjoyable

Micro markets ensure that lunch is convenient and enjoyable and never ruined by a forgotten meal or rushed preparation. This makes them perfect for any workplace that wants to make lunch easy. Employees can rest assured they have something to eat and don’t have to rush to prepare something making mornings easier and lunch time much more enjoyable.

If you’re ready to install a micro market that fits your space, contact the Bevco team today!