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Professional Micro Market, Vending, & Coffee Service


Vending Services for the Tri-State Area: The Best Vending Options For Your Business

Vending services are the perfect luxury to have in your office. Who doesn’t love that mid afternoon snack or cup of coffee?

With office vending services you can customize the machines to your liking. Are you looking for healthier options? You can choose salads, wraps, yogurts, fruit, and so much more. Are you on a special diet? You can request specialty products along with recipes to fit your or your employee’s needs.

Everyone likes an afternoon snack and likes a piece of chocolate to get through the day. With vending services you can offer all sorts of snacks from kit kat bars to Hershey products. Not a chocolate person but still have a sweet tooth? Cookies are available such as Famous Amos, Sunshine cookies, Nabisco, and more.  For the salt lovers you can choose varieties of crackers along with dozens of chip options.

How about are you looking for a full meal option? You can get full breakfast, lunch or dinner. For breakfast there are omelets, egg and cheese sandwiches, French toast with sausage, etc. For lunch there are cold and hot sandwiches, salads, burgers, hot dogs, hot pockets. The list goes on and on. Dinner the lunch options are still available as well as pastas, meatloaf, turkey. You certainly won’t go hungry.

How about drinks? Coffee services are available so you can add an extra jumpstart to your day. You can also have Pepsi or Coca Cola products. Not soda fans? You can add sports drinks, water, juices, lemonade, and energy drinks. You can have anything, except alcoholic beverages of course.

Vending Services for your business is a great idea. Everyone will be happy, productive, and no one will be hungry.