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Professional Micro Market, Vending, & Coffee Service


Office Coffee Services Tailored to Your Business Needs: Get The Facts

Office coffee services can be added very simply to your office. Continue reading to find out more.

For the businesses that love barista type drinks, have them any time of the day. You can add the Tassimo Professional Coffee System to the break room. This system will make your lattes, expressos, hot chocolate, coffee, and more. However, it’s not you plain drinks you’re thinking of. This machine uses things such as real steamed milk creamers and real chocolate syrup. Very easily add this machine to your office and your employees will feel as if they have their own personal barista.

Are you a business that likes Star Bucks? Are your employees late to the office because of Star Bucks runs or running over their lunch breaks? That can all change. Add the Starbucks Interactive Cup Brewer to the office today. The Starbucks Brewer allows you to have your favorite cup of star bucks coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. The convenient aspect of the Starbucks brewer is that it can brew three cups at one time. There won’t be any lines to wait in. Have your drink fast and hot!

Is your business more of plain coffee drinkers?  That’s ok there are office coffee services that cater to that as well. There are single coffee brewers that can brew coffee as well as tea. You can have a regular coffee pot that will provide a pot for the whole morning.

No matter what kind of office coffee services you would like, it can be provided to you. Coffee can make your days more enjoyable, don’t go a day without it.