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School Back in Session : Vending Machines Can be a Good Thing

A big debate that continues to be had is if vending machines should be allowed in schools. Right now, most schools ban them due to the unhealthy snacks and the concern about child obesity. However, vending machines do not have to be filled with junk food. There are healthy vending machines options that students can enjoy.

Vending machines can be customized. This means that school officials can have control over the snacks that are being sold. They can choose to have fruit snacks, wheat crackers, baked chips, and other healthy options. There is even the option for 100 calorie cookies, to not banish all sweet treats.

Vending machines can also carry healthy drinks, soda does not have to be available. Students can enjoy 100% fruit juices, green tea, and water both plain and flavored. By offering healthy drinks, you give students the ability to stay hydrated, which is important especially if they are involved in sports.

Not only will the vending machines provide healthy options for students, the school will also benefit. With the vending machine profits, new supplies can be ordered.

There are times when children don’t have time to eat breakfast in the morning or forget to pack a lunch. By having a vending machine in the school, children won’t have to go through the whole day without eating anything. They can grab a quick snack to stop their stomach from growling all day.

Having a vending machine in a school does not have to be negative. A school vending machine can provide students with healthier options and the school with profit for needed supplies. Both sides can win.