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Professional Micro Market, Vending, & Coffee Service


Office Coffee Services for Your Pennsylvania Office

Coffee is a morning must and favorite for many people. Some even need a cup in the middle of the afternoon to keep them going. By adding office coffee services to your Pennsylvania office, employees will have the option to enjoy coffee any time of day.

The Keurig Single Cup Brewing System is a very popular choice for an office coffee service. The Keurig will allow employees to not only enjoy coffee but also tea, hot chocolate and more. There are also many coffee flavors available such as pumpkin, chocolate mint, vanilla velvet, and of course your traditional flavors.

Another popular office coffee service is Starbucks. The Starbucks Interactive Brewer allows you to brew your favorite Starbucks coffee bean along with tea and hot chocolate. The brewer allows three different types of coffee to be brewed at once. With the choice of 8 oz., 12 oz., and 16 oz. your employees won’t have to wait in another Starbucks line before work again.

By adding the Tassimo Professional Coffee System to your Pennsylvania office, your employees will feel as if they have their own barista. The Tassimo has barista features such as  cappuccinos and expresso with real steamed milk creamer. The Tassimo also offers your favorite coffee brands including Max Well House, Tim Hortons, and Gevalia.

If you and your employees are not technical savvy, traditional coffee brewers of course are available.   Choose from your favorite brands including Wawa, Starbucks, and Maxwell House.

Having office coffee services for your Pennsylvania employees will create a happy and productive environment. Add one to your office today!