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Places that Can Benefit from a Vending Machine

Vending machines are a fairly common fixture in the modern world. You see them all over, even outdoors in parks and public spaces, offering cold and refreshing drinks to passersby. But there are certain places that can really benefit from having vending machines easily accessible to visitors, staff, and anyone else who may be gracing your facility with their presence. These places often play host to individuals and often do not have other refreshment options nearby. This makes vending machines a great option.


Schools are full of what may be the hungriest group of individuals in the world. Young people can eat a lot. Of course, bagged lunches, meals at the cafeteria, or on-campus restaurants are good for satiating hunger at lunch. But what about between meals, or if there was no time to grab a proper breakfast before jumping out of bed and running to class? A vending machine snack may be exactly the kind of energy boost a teenager or college-aged student may need to sit through a class without their stomach grumbling. And as we stated in a previous blog, vending machines don’t necessarily have to be all chocolate bars and soda. A healthy vending machine snack may be exactly what your school is lacking.

Anywhere with a Waiting Room

Hospitals and offices with waiting rooms can also benefit from vending machines. These spaces are often full of people who don’t necessarily want to be there. Crying children, sick friends or family, the whir of a dentist’s drill: nothing about these places necessarily screams fun. But a vending machine can be a little ray of hope for someone whose stomach is starting to rumble while reading a magazine in the waiting area. Of course, high-sugar treats may not be ideal for these places, but then again, a chocolate snack may be the right thing to bring a little brightness to someone’s day while they’re sick, or just plain bored.

Staff Breakrooms

Any breakroom can also benefit from a vending machine. Work can be pretty annoying, but you can find a little peace and time away from your desk in the breakroom. A quick snack may also give you the energy to get through your morning without a total meltdown. Again, healthy options may be perfect for replacing a missed breakfast or for a quick bite on a night when you have to stay in the office late to meet a deadline.

If you operate one of these spaces, or any other business, and you’re considering a vending machine. Bevco can help. Contact us today to discuss what vending options are right for you and your space.