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Millennials’ Demand for Coffee Creates Vending Opportunities

In today’s go-go atmosphere, Americans are consuming coffee at a record pace; with the largest demographic growth coming from an unlikely source, millennials. Consumers in the U.S. are getting hooked on the java earlier than ever and millennials are at the forefront of this trend.

Gone are the days when coffee was considered the preferred drink of the old and boring. The average coffee drinker today isn’t sitting in a greasy spoon diner sipping from a chipped cup. No, coffee bars and local coffee shops are on every corner. Coffee is hip in a big way and it gives kids the a mildly rebellious way in which to assert their independence.

The National Coffee Association recognizes the value of the millennial generation as customers. They even have specialized marketing plans to reach them.

There are plenty of reasons why kids are gravitating to coffee younger and younger. One is simple accessibility. The number of Coffee shops in the U.S. has grown by nearly 33 percent from 2002-2015.

Another reason is that the variety of coffee-based beverages has grown exponentially. Perusing the ballooning menu list at your local coffee shop can be overwhelming. There are so many options from frappucinos to iced coffees to mochaccinos the varieties are seemingly endless.

But what if you could capture the coffee craze by serving high-quality coffee products where millennials congregate and work? Would that kind of convenience trump brand loyalty?

Today’s coffee vending machines are so sophisticated they can make many of these same high-priced beverages without the expensive overhead of a coffee shop and its employees.

Coffee vending could be a great way to win that audience. For more information contact us today.