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Benefits of Cashless Vending Machines

Vending machines have done a great job keeping up in the digital age. Customers are now able to pay with credit cards and mobile pay, when before it was strictly cash or coins. Cashless vending machines will not only provide many benefits for your customers or employees but your business will see benefits as well.


Adding cashless vending machines will be convenient for everyone. No more carrying around loose change, having to straighten out those crumpled bills, or figuring out which way the money must be facing for the machine to accept it. Going cashless, customers or employees will only need their phone or credit card making the process quick and easy.


Cashless vending is secure. For example, if you were to use Apple Pay, they create a device account number for you instead of using your credit card number. Using an account ID makes it more difficult for your personal information to be stolen.

Control of Inventory

Cashless vending can work alongside your vending management system. This allows you to see what the best-selling items are and which items may not be selling. Knowing this information will allow you to keep those popular items in stock and replace the items that are not big sellers to something that could be.

Cashless vending is a great option to consider for your business. For more information contact us today.