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Warm Up This Winter With a Hot Chocolate Vending Machine

September marks the end of one season and the beginning of another. The beginning of fall means football season, leaves falling, and bonfires. This also means the beginning of cooler weather. Hot chocolate starts to become the beverage of choice. If hot chocolate is your beverage of choice in the cooler weather, why not have it at work?

Many offices have coffee machines with hot beverages to take away that fall chill. However what about the people who don’t like coffee? There is a solution for that.

Many coffee vending machines now sell hot chocolate. You can get a Swiss Miss hot chocolate without leaving the office. It will even come with marshmallows. Do you have to watch your sugar or on a diet? You can also get sugar free Swiss Miss!

Having a cup of hot chocolate at the office would also benefit your work. There was a study done that drinking hot chocolate can increase your brain’s thinking capacity. It can increase your brain activity because cocoa contains Theobromine. Flavonoids are also in cocoa and they increase blood supply to the brain which helps with memory.

If you are having a bad day at work it is also said that hot chocolate can make you happy! Cocoa contains neurotransmitters that act like antidepressants. So go get that cup of hot chocolate to make you feel better!

Hot chocolate can benefit your work day in a lot of ways. Not only is it the perfect fall and winter beverage but it can keep you focused. Having it at your convenience in the vending machine just makes it ten times better!