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Consider Healthy Vending Machine Snacks for Your Child’s School

Summer is over which means it is time to get back into school mode. That involves getting your children ready, dropping them off, and getting yourself ready for what the day may bring. Not enough time in the morning to pack lunches? No worries, school lunches are always improving, and school vending machines offer many delicious options to keep your kids healthy and happy!

Last year the U.S Department of Agriculture came up with new standards that must be upheld in the cafeteria at your child’s school. The primary ingredients of the foods being served must be fruit or vegetables, or contain at least 50% whole grains. The food being served in vending machines is restricted on a specific limit on fat, sugars, and salt.

Drinks have to follow specific guidelines as well. Low calorie version sport drinks like Gatorade are acceptable. Other drinks that fit the guidelines are low-fat and fat-free milk along with 100% vegetable juice. Water is definitely an option, and if kids like flavored water there are no calorie options available.
Now, you are probably wondering if vending machines usually have unhealthy options as they are seen as snack machine, and are often thought to contain salty and sugary snacks. Vending machine companies want children to be happy, too. They can customize the machines and put any snack the customer would like into their machine. Your school has the discretion to add as many or as few of these traditional snack foods as possible as well as healthy options. Your schools vending machine company is always willing to tailor your vending machines to stock the foods your school wants to see.

Do your children have a type of allergy or special diet? There are organic, gluten free, and vegan options that can be made available. Do not be afraid to ask about what can be added. Lunch is the time where students take a break from learning. They deserve to relax and be able to enjoy a healthy snack to get them through the day.