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Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows or Whipped Cream: A (Delicious) Hotly Contested Debate

We all have our differences. And while it can be good to talk about the serious things in the world around us, sometimes it is also good to discuss the lighter things in life. There is a debate about the way to make a delicious treat even better. But what could make something like hot chocolate even more amazing? The answer is simple – adding another tasty treat to it!

But since our tastes may vary greatly from those around us, it brings up the question: what is the best way to make a delicious cup of hot chocolate even better? Two of the most popular additions to this classic winter beverage are marshmallows and whipped cream. But which of these is the best?

Admittedly, neither of these treats is the healthiest choice. But we’re talking about a special treat here, so the health-conscious question can be placed in the background for now. The debate continues on – which one of these choices is the best for improving a delicious cup of hot chocolate?

The Growing Popularity of Hot Chocolate

If you’re a person who loves hot chocolate, you aren’t alone. This beverage is extremely popular, and people from all walks of life use it to relax and unwind. But the sweet and caffeinated goodness of a cup of hot chocolate is sometimes not good enough. Many people look for ways to improve their treat, and that’s where additions like marshmallows and whipped cream come in.

Of course, the popularity of hot chocolate makes it the type of beverage that is popping up more and more often – and in more places than ever before. No longer is hot chocolate the type of beverage reserved for at-home gatherings and family moments during the winter season.

Hot Chocolate in Vending Machines

Have you ever wanted to enjoy hot chocolate at school, work or any other location? Let’s be honest – who hasn’t? This type of delicious beverage has not only found its ways into the kitchens of countless homes across the country and the world, but it has also become a top choice for vending machines that want to shake things up and offer people a different kind of delicious treat.

The Different Types of Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate comes in many different types and styles. While some have their own added ingredients included, others are plain. The latter variation allows people to add their own extras in an effort to make this treat even more enjoyable. But the debate is still on about which type of add-on is better: marshmallows or hot chocolate?

The Case for Marshmallows: Mixing Things Up

Let’s say you’re part of the group who says marshmallows are the best type of ingredient to add to hot chocolate. The sweet and pleasant taste of this type of beverage makes it very welcoming to add-ons that share the same characteristics. And not only can marshmallows improve the taste of hot chocolate if they’re the type of food you like, but they can also give it a unique texture.

Some people prefer to scoop out the marshmallows with a spoon after they’ve been coated with the chocolate liquid. This can turn your hot chocolate into a soup of sorts – only with extra caffeine and sugar! Others prefer to let the hot liquid do its work in dissolving the marshmallows so they can enjoy them as part of the beverage. So even if you’re part of the marshmallow crowd, you can enjoy your hot chocolate add-on in different ways!

The Case for Whipped Cream: Pack it On

Sometimes when we’re drinking a delicious cup of hot chocolate, it can make us long for the other types of sweet, caffeinated beverages out there. But if you’re the type of person who likes to make their hot chocolate feel a bit more like one of the unique coffees or shakes you can get at various dining locations, you may be part of the vocal group that claims whipped cream is the best thing to add to hot chocolate.

Unlike marshmallows, this type of add-on is much closer to the actual texture of hot chocolate. A nice helping of whipped cream can sit comfortably on top of the cup – and it just looks right! But the appearance isn’t the best part – those who are fans of whipped cream and hot chocolate swear that adding the former to the latter is a recipe for a tasty beverage that nearly anyone would enjoy.

What Could Affect Your Decision?

So where do you stand on the hot chocolate add-on debate? Are you more of a marshmallow type of person or do you find the allure of whipped topping to be a bit too much to pass on? Both types of add-ons have their own appeal, meaning it is a good idea to try both before making your final decision. Even if you’ve been on one side of the debate or the other for a long time, simply giving the remaining option a try could sway your opinion.

Which is Better for a Vending Machine Treat?

If you’re grabbing a hot chocolate from a vending machine, both whipped cream and marshmallows are easy to grab and add to your treat. This is especially true if the vending machine is located in a cafeteria or a break room of a retailer where the add-ons can be easily retrieved.

What is the Consensus?

So, who wins the debate about hot chocolate add-ons? While this issue isn’t exactly groundbreaking, lovers of this drink want to know the best way to make it even better! While it all comes down to our differing tastes, the debate between marshmallows and whipped cream continues to rage on to this day.

Whatever your choice, you can be sure that the folks at Bevco will keep supplying you with the tastiest hot chocolate vending options this winter.