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Healthy Snacks for Desk Job Workers Throughout the Day

It is believed that the increased amount of desk jobs may have contributed to the issue of obesity in our county. However, having a sedentary lifestyle doesn’t have to doom you to extra pounds on your waist. Rather than having to run ten miles at the gym when you are already exhausted from the mental stress of your Monday, sticking to healthier snacks can prove more beneficial to your well-being.


Fruit is naturally sweet and can help curb the taste for sugar. Dried fruit is a great option when spoiling is a concern. A small apple has just 77 calories and is high in fiber, adding more to your day.


Not all crackers are created equal. Whole-grain crackers go a longer way in staying full while still giving a nice crunchy snack option. 10 of these crackers sits around 90 calories for the serving.


If you don’t have access to milk, simply munching on dry cereal is a great snack. However, be sure to avoid sugary cereals, as they are sure to pack on the pounds and add too much sugar to your day. Bran cereal has only 80 calories per serving and can last a long time.


When selecting the right nut, be sure to choose a plain, unsalted variety. Too much additional salt can make you bloat, but the right choice can add a ton of protein, making it easier to stay focused. A one-ounce serving of almonds has about 153 calories and a ton of healthy fats.


Seeds are known to help hold over an appetite between meals. Any seed type is good as a snack with pumpkin and squash seeds have only 170 calories in a small handful.


Of course, it isn’t possible to fry up a fish at your desk. Instead, a can of tuna that is pack in water is simple and gives a huge burst of protein to your day. One can has only 73 calories but packs in over 16 grams of protein.

Nut Butter

With the same benefit of nuts, nut butter can be added to crackers or other snacks with one tablespoon of peanut butter only holding 94 calories.

Rice Cakes

Plain brown rice cakes have all the satisfaction of the crunch of potato chips and the less healthy rice snacks. Each cake is only 70 calories and is sure to tide you over until lunch time.

Checking the nutrition labels on your snacks goes a long way. Be sure to keep calories low and both fiber and protein high to get the most out of your snacks. If you manage the company, providing these types of snacks in your break room can lead to better productivity and less time spent outside the office for workers. Contact us today at Bevco to find out how our break room vending solutions can help your team.