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Coffee Pot vs. Single-Serve Coffee Machine: Which is Better for Your Office?

Ah.  Coffee.  It’s a modern obsession that people can’t seem to get enough of.  With coffee bars popping up everywhere (even in the grocery store), it seems our society runs on the stuff.

And nowhere is that more the case than in an office setting.

Coffee is important to your employees.  They need their morning caffeine jolt.  But what’s the best delivery system?

Coffee pot vs. single-serve coffee machine:  which is better for your office, is a question you may have been wrestling with.  This post offers some helpful thoughts about the right choice for your unique situation.

Small office?  Big office?

The number of employees your coffee machine accommodates is a leading concern when finding the right response to the question.  If your office has few employees, that early morning pot of coffee may not even be consumed.

And that’s a terrible waste.

Even if your employees usually steam through most of the pot, there always seems to be a little left over, sometimes languishing until someone realizes that the coffee has now become a thick layer of syrupy goo on the bottom of the carafe.

Again, a terrible waste, but also a formidable cleaning challenge.

Flavor matters.

These days, a lot of folks are downright picky about the way their coffee tastes.  Gone are the days of settling for just the average cup of Joe.  People want their coffee to taste good, fresh and redolent of distant coffee plantations.

Finding out more about your employees’ preferences in this regard is an important step toward determining what type of coffee machine to buy.


The most popular make of the single-serve coffee machine is undoubtedly the Keurig.  This machine and others like it produce a flavorful cup of coffee in just under a minute, saving time and not wasting a drop in a languishing coffee pot.

They’re also versatile, offering the ability to brew hot chocolate and tea.

But they have their downside, too.  For one thing, those cute little pods can’t be recycled, contributing to the global waste problem.  For another, they’re expensive.  These are considerations to keep in mind.

Coffee pot.

Depending on the size of your staff, you can choose from a consumer grade machine or a commercial one.  For offices with 30 employees or fewer, you’re usually OK with a consumer grade machine.  Larger than that and a commercial machine is preferable.

It’s important to keep in mind that maintenance is required for coffee machines like this and that, when the pot is empty, there’s waiting involved (which can make people cranky).

But Bevco has the ideal solution!

Bevco coffee service.

Your employees want quality in every cup of coffee they drink and our coffee service, employing Starbuck’s brewers and premium brand coffee, do just that. But we can bring a Barista to your office too, with the Tassimo brewing system.

Bevco’s coffee service offers your employees quality that tastes great, every time.  Contact us to find out more about our product line and services.