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Bevco: Because a Hungry Child can be a Nightmare

If you have ever been near children at any time in your life, you know they can be sweet and innocent at one moment, and then raving lunatics the next. If you work with children, this can be the great crux of your business. Dealing with mean-tempered, tired, or angry children can be insanely difficult. And for the parents who are trying to manage their kids in your waiting room, hallways, or lobby, the challenge is just as great. But almost all kids like snacks, and that is where a vending machine can come in handy.

Hangry Children

When people get hungry, they often get grouchy. We’ve all heard the term “hangry” being used. But it’s not just a funny phrase. People really do get “hangry”. With kids it can be beyond “hangry”. Kids don’t often have the self-control to maintain their composure and deal with their grouchiness. Instead, they kick and scream and cry and make life terrible for everyone around them. Even the most well-behaved kid can become an absolute tyrant when faced with a rumbling stomach. If you face the chance of children waiting for long periods in your facilities, having a vending machine is a fairly reasonable means for avoiding such melt downs.

Client Satisfaction

Your vending machines are not only there for your employees. They’re there for your guests, visitors, clients, patients, and potential buyers. When those people are children or have children with them when they visit your facilities, the vending machine can be a great option for keeping a child’s hunger to a minimum and avoiding an unpleasant scene. That doesn’t mean you have to offer a child candy to keep them quiet either. Your vending machines can be stocked with healthy options that parents can grab quickly and conveniently. This can satisfy the child’s hunger, ease the parent’s mind, and make sure that the client sees the value you place on their happiness.

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A vending machine and the many options that they offer can be perfect for your business. So, contact our team today to discuss which of our vending machines, or products are the best fit or your business!