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Back to School Snacks: Vending for Schools

School is back in session. Parents are excited, kids are not exactly thrilled. But no matter what, schools are a big part of a child’s life. It’s for that reason that schools should try to make their students welcome and comfortable (even if they don’t exactly want to be there). One great way to achieve this comfort is by ensuring students have easy access to healthy snack options during lunch, recess, or after school.

Increase Focus

Many schools dismiss vending machines as a distraction. You often see signs or hear from teachers: “no eating or drinking in the classroom”. But a hungry student is a distracted student. I’m sure everyone can remember sitting in a school room as their stomachs rumbled and they contemplated lunch rather than an English or History lesson. Vending machines give students the option to grab a quick and nutritious snack to help focus their minds and sharpen their wits. Instead of lacking energy and focus, students will feel good and be able to pay better attention to teachers.

Lunch Options

Do you remember those days where you were rushing out of the door to catch the school bus and you forgot your lunch? Or you only had time to throw some cheese on a piece of bread before you rushed out the door to meet your friends as you walked to school. Vending machines give hungry kids options. When a student forgets their lunch, vending machines give them something decent to snack on.

After School

When the school day is over and after school activities are beginning, many students have been hours removed from their lunch. That means they’re likely going to be peckish. Vending machines give those students who stay on the premises for clubs, sports, tutoring, or any other after school activity a chance to grab a healthy snack to hold them over and make those after-hours hours more comfortable.


Vending machines with healthy snack options are a great choice for schools. They give students and faculty the opportunity for a quick snack at any time of the day. So, if you’re interested in a vending machine for your school, Bevco can help. Contact our team today to discuss your vending options and the healthy snack choices you can stock them with.