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Benefits of Coffee During the Workday

What can be said about coffee in the workplace? Caffeine has become the fuel that the American workforce runs on, but even more, it’s become an important part of workplace culture. From the camaraderie built around the breakroom coffee pot to the first swig of morning Joe, coffee defines our daily workday routines. It’s certainly more important to some, most workplaces probably have that one coworker who is consistently late because they needed to stop for coffee, but even for the casual coffee drinker, there are some advantages to coffee during the workday.

Coffee: Morning Ritual

Before they even leave home, most workdays find people yawning as they brew a pot of coffee. Whether you use the latest pour-over method and the finest beans you ground yourself or scoop off-brand grounds into an ancient percolator, you might not realize that making coffee in the morning is a big part of your routine. Unless you’re unable to brew coffee, you may not realize how dependent your brain is on this routine. It’s a cue to yourself that it’s time to wake up and get moving. This ritual can help you feel motivated and put you in a positive mood before you even step out the door.

Coffee: Community

Like the water cooler, the breakroom coffee pot holds some serious weight as a cultural epicenter of workplace chit-chatting. As long as your employees aren’t spending too much time filling their favorite coffee cup, this can be a major benefit for your workplace. In an age when everyone is watching something different, listening to varied types of music, and living very separate lives, a workplace coffee break is a great moment of cohesion for your coworkers. Even just catching up during a tiny moment of workplace camaraderie can have a pretty substantial effect on the way your employees and coworkers feel about the time they spend at work, boosting morale big time.

Coffee: Caffeine Fix

Aside from giving your employees a chance to chat over a warm cup, coffee also clearly has caffeine in it. When you’re starting to fade in the 2 o’clock hour after answering emails all day, nothing can put some zip back in your step like a decent cup of java. Having coffee available for your staff to keep them motivated can be a major benefit.

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