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Are Micro Markets Good for Office Morale?

If your workplace is suffering from a lack of morale, you’re not alone. It can be difficult to keep morale up and focus on running your business, but the two have to go hand in hand. Micro markets are a great tool in your arsenal for boosting morale now and in the future and can help you effectively keep employees happier.

Micro Markets Make for a Great Breakroom/Café

The first thing to acknowledge is that just the addition of a micro market can seriously help boost employee morale. Adding to existing breakrooms or a café can liven up these employee spaces and remind employees that these spaces are there for them to use. This can dramatically increase the separation between the time your employees have to themselves and the time they have for work. Although this may sound counterproductive, ensuring that employees enjoy their breaks and have that time to relax without work interfering is a major benefit to employee morale, mental health and subsequently productivity.

Micro Market Allow for Incentive and Reward Programs

So, you may be thinking that the allure of a micro market will be short-lived and that the benefits on employee moral will fade over time. But another major way you can use micro markets as a tool in the battle against burnout and a loss in morale is to use your micro market to reward your employees. Whether you want to incentivize employees with a monthly micro market splurge on your or periodically reward all employees with a free treat from your market, micro markets make it easy to add some interest, fun and gratitude to the workplace.

It All Comes Down to Time

Work can be stressful just as all responsibility can be, but continuous stress leads to unhappiness and unhappiness in the workplace is contagious. Micro markets eliminate some of the stresses that employees face in the workplace that don’t actually involve their work. For example, a headache in the early afternoon when an employee has already had their lunch break can be remedied with a quick trip to the micro market for headache relief medications. Instead of rushing in the morning to get a coffee and something to eat, an employee can take their time and grab a fast and healthy breakfast at work. These minor conveniences can make all the difference in an otherwise stressful day and help ward off a loss of workplace morale.

Ready for Your Micro Market?

If you’re ready to stimulate your facility and improve your employee’s morale, get in touch with the micro market experts at Bevco today!