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A Hot Debate: Green Tea versus Black Tea

Green tea used to be the go-to for everything healthy.

In fact, it was so trendy it was being tossed into almost every “healthy” ingredient out there. From the green tea extracts to drinking the real stuff, it was hard to avoid it.

However, there is a new kid on the block: black tea.

Only black tea is not anything new.

In fact, black tea dates to ancient times and comes in a variety of unblended flavors that are named after where they are produced, such as Tanyang Gongfu or Yin Junmei black teas.

Of course, you are most likely going to recognize the more blended options, such as Earl Grey tea, which is black tea mixed with bergamot oil. There is also the infamous English Breakfast tea, which is full bodied and very robust (hence the breakfast idea).

OK, So What’s the Difference?

Both green tea and black tea offer a variety of health benefits. So, to adequately compare the two, you would need to examine what benefits they share and what benefits the other excels at. However, at their core you have:

  • Black Tea: These are fully oxidized teas. They brew from a reddish brown to dark brown color and are the most popular type of tea drank in the Western area. Those derived from China are divided into Northern and Southern Chinese black teas.
  • Green Tea: Green tea leaves are harvested and then brewed the same night of harvest. This skips over oxidation processes, which allows the tea to retain the natural green dark color, vitamins, minerals and more.

Of course, then you have Oolong, which is an entirely different subject, but mentionable. It is in between green and black teas; therefore, it is commonly misinterpreted as one or the other, but it is, in fact, its own variety of tea.

The Benefits of Green Tea versus Black Tea

  1. Fluoride Boosters

Both black and green teas help boost your bones and teeth because they contain fluoride. However, black tea offers more fluoride per serving than its competition.

What is so great about fluoride? The American Dental Association says that fluoride is the primary defense against tooth decay and it works for all ages; so not just little children with developing teeth. Also, it is the safest and most efficient way to prevent cavities.

  1. Caffeine Boosts

Some drink tea for the relaxation, while others drink tea for the caffeine boost instead of a cup of coffee. On average, green tea contains 25 to 30 milligrams of caffeine per eight-ounce cup, while black tea has 40 to 60 milligrams of caffeine per eight-ounce cup.

Therefore, if you want to know which tea gives you the caffeine boost, black tea would be the best.

For comparison purposes, the Mayo Clinic states that brewed coffee contains 95 to 200 milligrams of caffeine per eight-ounce cup.

  1. Cancer Prevention Capabilities

Green tea and black tea are notorious for fighting cancer in the form of antioxidants. However, when it comes to which tea beats cancer the best, green tea wins the battle every time.

Green tea is high in catechins, which are flavanols responsible for boosting health. One of the flavanols found in green tea specifically fight cancer growth, per a study published in the Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology of 2013.

  1. Heart Health

Black and green teas are great for cardiovascular health. The EGCG found in green tea takes care of the cells present in the blood vessels, which shields the body from stress. Green tea is also known to control cholesterol levels in the blood, boost healthy cholesterol levels, and reduce harmful cholesterol buildup.

Black tea is not without the heart health benefits too. For example, drinking black tea could improve vessel function for those with illnesses like coronary artery disease.

According to one study, an examination of 17 other studies found that the average risk for heart attacks decreased by 11 percent on average for individuals who drank three cups of black tea per day, according to The Daily Mail.

  1. Antioxidants Galore

Antioxidants are what fight free radicals. Free radicals are what cause everything from aging to cancer. WebMD reports that antioxidants found in tea, including the catechins and polyphenols, may prevent cancer. Some studies have shown that women who drink black tea specifically have a lower risk for ovarian cancer.

Other conditions that black tea’s antioxidants may assist with include diabetes, high cholesterol, kidney stones and possibly Parkinson’s disease.

  1. Better Metabolism

Black tea has also been shown to increase metabolism for some. However, this is usually when taken in supplement form rather than drinking the tea directly.

  1. The Risks of Each

Surprisingly, black tea and green tea each have their risks. Black tea in moderate amounts, however, is safe. There are some side effects of the black tea’s higher caffeine, such as anxiety, problems sleeping, faster heart rate and breathing, and increased urination. However, these side effects are similar to green tea and not exclusive to either type of tea.

So, Who Wins? Both

Both green tea and black tea are excellent for health, and they both taste great. If you are looking for a boost in the morning, we at Bevco Service, Inc. recommend going with black tea and then following up in the afternoon with a light green tea.

If you are looking to supply your office with an excellent array of beverages, we recommend using both black and green tea, because some will prefer the taste of black or green. You can order yours today in the Starbucks Interactive Brewer or through our Tassimo Professional Coffee System with pods.

Browse our inventory or give us a call at 609-835-4400 to order your teas for the office.