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A Brief History of Hot Chocolate

When it comes to warm beverages, nothing compares to hot chocolate. Tea and coffee, of course, get people up and moving and ready for their day, but hot chocolate has a special place in our past. Most people have a memory of coming in from the cold as a kid and a parent or grandparent handed you a cup of hot chocolate. It’s an invigorating, sweet drink from our childhood, but it’s also been an important drink historically. In fact, the history of hot chocolate goes all the way back to ancient Mesoamerica.

Ancient Traditions

Many ancient Mesoamerican cultures used cacao seeds (which chocolate is made from) as a currency, food and drink ingredient. The drink that was made from these seeds was considered sacred and was mostly consumed by prominent members in society or during important rituals, such as weddings or funerals. When the Spanish came to America, they took the drink back to Europe with them. As it spread through Europe, hot chocolate continued to be a drink for prominent members of society as a luxury. Eventually, milk and sugar, as well as other spices and flavors would be added to the cacao drink, making it more popular across the board.

American Military History

As long ago as the Revolutionary War, chocolate was used by American soldiers while performing their duties, even being used to restore the strength of sick or wounded men. During the first World War, soldiers were supplied with hot chocolate by the YMCA. During the second World War, rations included the option for hot chocolate ingredients, which then became standard in ration kits and is still included today.

Drink it Up

So, if you have a fond memory of drinking hot chocolate, you’re participating in a tradition much older than you probably realized. Even now, hot chocolate is a great drink choice for warming up after a day out in the cold or reinvigorating yourself during the day. If you’re looking for a way to motivate your employees, Bevco can provide hot drink machines that include this ancient, delicious drink. And if you already have one of these machines, consider trying the hot chocolate, because it’s much more than just a childhood memory.

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