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With School Out, Check Out These Healthy Vending Options for Children

Schools are known to not have vending machines as they believe that they offer too many unhealthy and sugar filled options. With school being out for the summer, your children may be going to the pool, camp, etc. These places may certainly have vending machines but it doesn’t mean your children will be eating unhealthy. Check out these healthy vending options for children.

Vending machines can be fully customizable meaning the camp counselors, pool officials, etc. are in charge of what goes in the machine. They can choose to add fruit snacks, wheat crackers, baked chips, etc., instead of the high-calorie chips, candy, popcorn, and more. Many children enjoy eating sweet treats during the summer months. A great vending option to help their sweet tooth is 100 calorie cookies.

Many parents have the concern of how much soda their children are drinking, especially when they aren’t there to monitor. A vending machine doesn’t have to offer soda. It can offer 100% fruit juices, plain and flavored water, green tea, etc. Offering these healthy drinks gives children the ability to stay hydrated which is important during the summer heat.

Not only does a vending machine provide healthy options for children, they will provide the camp, pool, etc. with extra funding. The vending profits will provide them with the ability to purchase the supplies that they need which will also benefit the children.

These healthy vending options will keep your child healthy, energized, and more. Don’t let the vending machine ban in schools persuade you, they do have the ability to provide healthy options for your child this summer.