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Vending Machine Fun Facts

Vending Machines are a favorite invention.  They carry your favorite drinks and snacks and allow you to access them at any time. They are popular in the workplace and at rest stops during long road trips. These vending machine fun facts will allow you to appreciate the machine even more.

The first vending machine was invented in Ancient Greece all the way back in 215 B.C.  The concept was created by Hero of Alexandria who was a mathematician and also an engineer. However, the first vending machine didn’t dispense snacks. For a coin payment, it gave out holy water.

The first snack and commercial vending machine was first made public in 1880.  London was the lucky city to first enjoy the new invention. Workers were able to enjoy quick bites along with postcards.

Vending machines made their American debut in 1888 by The Thomas Adams Gum Company. The machine helped people’s breath smell better, as it dispensed Tutti Frutti Gum.

Soda wasn’t available in vending machines until the early 1920s. When it was first available, it was dispensed in cups. Soda bottles became available in the 1930s. However, customers could only choose between Coke and Pepsi.

Today, vending machines include more than just food. You can find machines with technology, personal products, and more. Paying has also become easier as many machines will now take credit cards.

Vending Machines have come a long way and don’t seem to be going anywhere soon.