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Tips on Where to Have Your Vending Machine Installed

If you’re thinking about having a vending machine installed at your office, there are some important considerations about the location we’d like to share with you.

Vending machines are all about convenience for your employees.  They’re working hard for you and they have full plates they need to attend to, so a vending machine is there to fortify them whenever they need it, precluding the need for them to go offsite for food and drink.

This post covers some key tips on where to have your vending machine installed, to optimize employee convenience and your ROI.

Where’s the traffic?

Every office has its high traffic areas.  That may be in the lobby area, or wherever your washroom facilities are found.

You need high traffic areas, where the maximum number of employees are flowing through to ensure that you get the service levels from your vending machine operator that you want.  Higher sales bring more expeditious service.

Observe the traffic currents in your office to find the most advantageous position for your vending machine.  Remember that “out of sight is out of mind”, to ensure that your employees can see it.

How much space?

While vending machines come in a variety of sizes, there’s no doubt that they’re large.  That means you need to measure to ensure that your chosen location is going to be equal to the task of hosting a vending machine.

That includes making sure that the location has adequate room for the door to be opened when it’s time for re-stocking and servicing.

But your doors will also need to accommodate the machine.  If it can’t get through doorways, construction may be involved.  Talk to the helpful staff at Bevco on this one.  We’ll be happy to advise you.

What does your staff want?

Snack foods aren’t popular with everyone.  Some of your people may want healthier options.  What kind of message do you want to send with what’s in your vending machine?  Are you encouraging more nutritious eating?  Hoping your staff will switch from soda to water or juice?

Poll your people on what they’d like to see in the machine.

Do your hours accommodate service?

Your business hours are important for your vending machine company to be aware of.  We need to be able to get to your machine when it requires service or stocking.  Don’t forget to talk to us about how we can work out a service schedule that’s helpful for everyone.

Bevco Services, Inc.

Since 1977, Bevco Services, Inc. has been bringing offices like yours excellent customer service and high quality vending machine products.  We tailor the contents of our vending machines to the needs of your staff, ensuring they’re getting the kind of convenience you want them to have.

We can help with every aspect of vending machine installation and advise you on all the considerations articulated in this post.  Our representatives are all believers in Bevco’s exceptional record of extending superior service to our customers.

Ready to bring 24/7 vending machine convenience to your office?  Contact us!