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The Modern Vending Machine: 21st Century Snacks

For a long time, vending machines have been changing the way we buy snacks, drinks, and a number of other items. But through the years, though the actual service is the same, the mechanics of vending machines has changed dramatically. The mechanical, coin-operated machines of the past have been replaced with the latest technology. Here are just some of the newest tech in the vending machine world and how it improves the entire experience.

Card Readers

Since vending machines were first invented, they’ve been operated by the customer who pays and then uses the machine to dispense a drink or snack. Recently, this simple process has been updated. Instead of using cash or coins to buy their goods, customers can now use credit and debit cards, as well. As the world becomes increasingly cashless, vending machines needed to meet the needs of modernity. People simply don’t often have cash on them, let alone coins. So, modern vending machines are often equipped with credit and debit card readers.

Guaranteed Delivery

Along with credit card readers, vending machines have been outfitted with the latest advancements to ensure you actually get what you pay for. One of the major problems with vending machines was the lack of an attendant right there who could help you with issues. That meant that when your snack or drink didn’t cooperate and was let dangling on the metal coil, you were out of luck. Now, though, vending machines are equipped with guaranteed delivery systems that ensure you get your purchase or are immediately refunded.

Micro Markets

Another advancement in the vending machine is the expansion of automated purchase outside the confines of the machine. With micro markets, you get all the automation and convenience of a vending machine without the limits of a small machine. You can stock a variety of snacks, drinks, and meals in a micro market. This adds to the experience and makes sure that everyone is satisfied.

The Latest Tech

At Bevco, our machines and services are the latest in the field. We keep on top of the newest technology to ensure your vending machines and micro markets are working properly and satisfying customers. If you’re interested in vending machines equipped with the tech we mentioned or micro markets with tremendous automation and variety, contact our team today!