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The Dangling Snack: A Vending Machine Story

Picture this; you’ve been sitting in the waiting room all day. You haven’t eaten since you had breakfast and it’s long past lunch-time. You need a quick snack. So, you go to the vending machines down the hall. Your stomach groans as you walk down the corridor. All you can hear is the rumbling in your belly and the sound of your shoes, moving closer to that glorious vending machine. As you approach, you bathe in its light, feed it your dollar and punch the buttons for that delicious looking snack. The coil rotates, and your snack is pushed forward. But as it begins to fall, the coil catches the packaging and your snack dangles. Helplessly, you realize you don’t have any more cash and your stomach rumbles once again.

A Frustrating Situation

We’ve all been in this situation at some point. It’s truly frustrating. You waste your money in a machine that provides no return. You can go to find someone with a key, but where are you going to find them? You can shake the machine and hope your snack falls. Either way, this is too much effort for what should have been an easy bite to eat.

Vending machine owners have to understand the frustration of this situation. They also have to see that it is a problematic incident. Some people wind up with arms stuck, machines upturned, and equipment broken while trying to retrieve a dangling snack. This can be costly or even dangerous. But if you invest in the right kind of machines, the dangling snack is a thing of the past.

An Answer

Bevco offers the latest in vending technology. That includes machines that have a guaranteed delivery system. This system ensures that a snack is delivered, and you don’t wind up dealing with refunds. Basically, a sensor at the bottom of the vending machines triggers when the snack falls. If this sensor is not triggered, the coil continues to turn until the snack falls. If it doesn’t fall, the machine automatically refunds the money to the buyer. This eliminates those stuck arms and damaged equipment. But in the event something does get broken, we’ll come out to fix it.

If you need the latest in vending technology for your facility, contact our team today!