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Professional Micro Market, Vending, & Coffee Service


Reasons to Have Vending Services at Your Business

Having company vending services can provide great benefits for your employees. It can provide employees with coffee service, full meals, and those afternoon snacks everyone craves. These services will help boost your employees’ moods and create a great office environment.

Coffee Services

A reason to offer your company vending services is the availability to coffee all day long. Whether they use it to jump start their morning or an energy boost for the end of the day, your employees will have their favorite brands of coffee available. From Starbucks, Wawa, and single cup brewer systems everyone will be able to enjoy their favorite.

Micro Market

Vending services aren’t just putting a vending machine in the office, there are many other great services available such as a micro market. A micro market would be like having your own convenience store in the office. What’s great about having a micro market is employees will be able to physically pick up the items they want. This allows them to read the nutritional labels, while in a vending machine you only see the front of the item and it could have an ingredient you are allergic to or be higher in calories than you think.

Full Meals

Employees don’t always have time to eat breakfast or they may forget to pack a lunch. Adding company vending services, full meals will be available.

Taking time in the morning to eat breakfast or pack a lunch can be difficult. A benefit of having office vending is full meals can be offered. From breakfast including bagels, eggs, fruit, etc. to lunch and dinner including salads, sandwiches, wraps, etc., whether your employees come in early or stay late, food will be available. Special meal requests are available for those have allergies or are on a special diet.

Office vending provides many benefits aside from the ones listed above. Consider adding it to your office to add to the enjoyable environment.