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Professional Micro Market, Vending, & Coffee Service


Micro Markets for Businesses with Non-Traditional Hours

There are millions of people who don’t work traditional 9-5 hours from Monday to Friday. Whether your business operates overnight or over the weekends, it can be hard to ensure your employees working these non-traditional hours have easy and accessible meal options during those hours. But micro markets can keep your employees happy and satisfied at all hours.

All-Day Businesses

If you have a business that needs to operate over a 24-hour period, you need to have employees who work those overnight and evening hours when most people are at home. The problem with meal options during this time is twofold. The first it that restaurants your employees might want to eat at or order from may be so busy that it makes it impossible to get a meal during the short window of a break time. The other reason is that many restaurants may be closed during those overnight hours. Even many stores will likely be close, which means that your employees are totally reliant on what they bring from home or what you can provide on-site.

Working over the Weekend

This also goes for businesses that are open during weekends. Imagine trying to quickly grab some takeout from a popular restaurant at 7 PM on a Saturday. Not exactly an easy thing to do and almost certainly not a relaxing way to spend your break.

Micro Markets are a  Great Solution

The good news is that micro markets are an ideal solution to this problem. Micro markets can be stocked with a number of meal options for your employees, no matter what time they’re working. Micro markets need are totally self-serve so they can be used any time you have employees on-site.

If you’re ready for a micro market to keep your employees happy when they’re working late shifts, overnight or on the weekends, contact the micro market experts at Bevco today!