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Kid in a Candy Shop: When Having Choices is a Good Thing

Many of the best minds of our day have pointed out that choices are ruining our lives. We have so many options when it comes to everything that it makes it harder to actually decide on anything. But sometimes, having choices is good. Sometimes, having options is exactly what you want. Think about the phrase “a kid in a candy shop”. The idea behind that phrase is that a kid in a candy shop is beyond excited looking at all of the candies to choose from. With the right snack options in your vending machines, you can make sure that your employees and guests are more like that kid and are less confused by variety.

Balance is Key

Snacking is one of those things that everyone does. Some only do it occasionally. Others do it often. But no matter how much people snack, they definitely have certain tastes that they are trying to satisfy. The way to make sure their tastes are represented is by having a good variety in what you put in your vending machines. The goal is to have variety without bombarding your snackers with too many choices.

A good way to find balance with your vending machines is by having different things available. That could mean having a machine for drinks and for snacks, or even having an entire micromarket. By making sure that your machines can satisfy cravings for a bite and drink, you can be sure people’s needs are being met.

Healthy Snacks, the Classics, and More

Next, it’s a good idea to provide the classic snack options: candy bars, chips and similar items. But you’ll also want to provide some healthy options. This isn’t adding a ton of variety, but it is giving people who may be calorie conscious, or who just prefer healthier treats, an option when they decide to get something from your vending machine.

If you want to take this a step further, providing options aside from simple snacking is also a good idea. You can opt for more substantial food and drink. Lunch and dinner options as well as coffee, tea, and hot chocolate can all be had with the right vending partner.


At Bevco, our priority is providing you with the best vending products available. We can help you find the balance between making a choice and being overwhelmed. So, contact our team today to discuss you vending options!