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Professional Micro Market, Vending, & Coffee Service


Keep your employees fit and healthy with healthy snack and meal options in your vending machines!

New Year’s resolution time shouldn’t be the only time of year that we commit to eating healthy, but it is easy for temptation to stray us away from our goals.  One of the best ways to keep on track is to have healthier options at your disposal to help you make better decisions.

Tere are a whole host of options for healthy meals and snacks in your vending machines.  Best of all, you can custom tailor your selection of goodies to your employees wants and needs.  By offering healthy selections you can help them stay on track and to achieve their healthy goals.

Offer your employees salads, wraps, Healthy Choice meals and soups, fruits, and oatmeal as well as healthy snacks and beverages.  Find out what they like in their healthy diets, and custom stock your vending machines with the healthy foods they are most likely to buy and want to eat.

Buying a meal from a vending machine doesn’t mean making unhealthy choices.  Your service company can offer you the opportunity to give your employees high quality healthy meals right from the cafeteria vending machine.  Stick to your resolutions and weight control goals easier by stocking your vending machines with healthy food options.