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Is Healthy Food Worth Stocking in Your Micro Market?

One of the major benefits of a micro market is the variety it offers and the fact that you can stock items that are popular rather than wasting space on items that continuously outlive their shelf life. The variety that micro markets provide also allows you to stock healthy meal, snack and beverage options for your staff. You may wonder if these items are worth keeping on your shelves, though. But healthy food options are beneficial to your staff and subsequently your business, not to mention if they aren’t popular, they can be replaced with items that will sell.

More Energy = Better Productivity

There’s no doubt about it, healthier meal and snack options provide better quality energy than the sugary and salty snacks most are used to finding in their vending machines. Healthier choices provide longer lasting energy boosts as opposed to the sugar rush you might get from a candy bar or even the jolt of a cup of coffee. Stocking fruit and healthy meal options are a great way to help keep your employees full of energy to keep them focused on their work and not worrying about a rumbling stomach or an afternoon lull in verve.

Healthy = Happy

When people are healthier, they’re happier. Even though we all might need the quick comfort of a piece of chocolate or a potato chip from time to time, when you help your staff focus on healthier choices, you help encourage a happier lifestyle. Healthy food is hard to access, especially when you’re pressed for time with a short lunch break and few options nearby. So, providing easily accessible and healthy meals at work can make a major difference not just for those who prefer to eat healthy, but those who are trying and struggling to make those healthy choices that help people live happier lives.

If It’s Not Working

If the products in your micro market are not working for you and your staff, we can stop stocking them or limit what we stock. You have options when you partner with Bevco and we want to make sure that those options are suited to your specific needs. So, contact our vending experts today about a micro market for your business.