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Healthy Vending in South Jersey is Now an Option

Vending machines have the reputation of not being healthy. The truth is they do carry healthy snacks, meals, and drinks. You even have the option to customize the vending machine the way you want it. If you are thinking about adding a vending machine to your South Jersey business, let the option of healthy vending take over.

Healthy vending has many options beginning with lunch and dinner options. You can choose from fresh salads from garden, Caesar, chicken cutlet, antipasto, chef salad, and many more salad choices. If your employees are not salad fans don’t worry. There are varieties of wraps to choose from such as Italian, tuna, turkey, and chicken salad.

If these options don’t sound as if they can fill employees up, don’t worry sides are available. Choose between fresh fruit cups, jello, organic fruit, oatmeal, tuna, chicken salad, etc. The options are endless.

Beverages have also began making their way into healthy vending in South Jersey.  Try and forget about those soda cravings and high calorie energy drinks. Enjoy 100% juices, water, sport drinks such as Gatorade or Powerade, or Wawa diet iced tea and green tea. If you can’t forget about those soda cravings, diet is available!

For those afternoon snack cravings, healthy vending in South Jersey does not stop! Let your employees treat themselves to fruit snacks, peanuts, power bars, crackers, baked chips, 100 calorie cookies, and more.

Don’t worry your whole vending machine does not have to go healthy! You are able to customize the vending machine the way you want it. You can offer healthy vending along with the regular snacks and meals to please every employee!

Many people did not realize that healthy vending in South Jersey is an option. Start the trend today by adding healthy vending to your business!