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Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner: Micro Markets Give You Options

When it comes to mealtime in the workplace, most people settle for a soggy sandwich and whatever snacks they can throw in their bag for lunch. Let’s not even talk about breakfast – a meal commonly skipped by the busy modern workforce. And what about those folks that are eating dinner at work, either because they’re working late or work a shift that isn’t the traditional 9 to 5? Work shouldn’t steal the joy from enjoying a meal. And micro markets give you great options for any time of day.



For most of us, downing a coffee before grabbing our car keys as we run out the door is as close as we get to a morning meal. But if there was a fast and convenient way to have a nutritious breakfast at work, more people would be making the most important meal of the day a priority. Micro markets can provide just that. Whether it’s a healthy snack, a sandwich, fruit or whatever else your employees enjoy for their first meal of the day, micro markets can be stocked to accommodate. And your caffeine craving can be satiated as well.


There is nothing more sacred to the work world than the lunch break. It’s that little respite from our daily work where we can relax, re-energize and enjoy a brief change of pace. But it’s frustrating when you spend that whole lunch break tracking down a decent meal and then being forced to eat at your desk. Micro markets are an easy and convenient way to grab lunch without the problems or headaches.


Not everyone hates being at the office late. And not everyone is done work at 5 every night. For those that find themselves at work during the dinner hours, it’s impractical to have to brave rush-hour traffic and dinner-rush diners when trying to find a place to grab a bite to eat. Bevco’s micro markets can be stocked with easy and satisfying dinners that can be quickly heated and made ready to eat with minimal effort.

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For more information about how a micro market can help your business, get in touch with the vending experts at Bevco today. We’re happy to discuss what will best suit your workplace.