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Benefits of Vending Machines in Schools

Vending Machines in Schools has become a big debate in recent years. Many parents believe that if their children purchase a snack they will buy something unhealthy such as cookies, chips, etc. That doesn’t have to be the case.

Schools can choose to have healthy snacks as options. They can choose fruit snacks, healthy crackers, baked chips, trail mix, special k bars. Children deserve something sweet every once in a while, there are 100 calorie cookies. You can always make requests and customize the vending machine just the way you like it to make your employees and students happy.

Healthy drinks can also be available. Students can have the option of Minute Maid juices, Tropicana, sports drinks, milk, and of course water.

Another benefit of vending machines in schools is the profit that is made. The extra money can go towards something the school needs such as computers, books, etc. The money could also go towards after school clubs or sports teams. It could benefit the school along with the children.

One more benefit of vending machines in schools is having an option for children if they forgot their lunch at home. They need something to help get them through the rest of the school day. The healthy snacks offered will give them the energy they need and satisfy their hunger.

Vending Machines in schools will always continue to be a controversial topic. Parents and teachers need to see that healthy snack vending is an option. Consider a vending machine for your school.