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Professional Micro Market, Vending, & Coffee Service


Benefits of a Vending Management System

Office vending has the ability to be both a pro and con for the office. It offers coffee, snacks, full meals, etc. But on the other hand, office vending can be a handful as you have to pay attention to when items have to be restocked. That is why adding a vending management system has its benefits.

Tracks Inventory

A vending management system is able to keep track of the vending inventory as well as the sales trends. How? There is a device installed inside of the machine. This device gathers the information and is able to send the information wirelessly and during real time. If an item is running low, the vending provider is sent a restock alert.

Custom Plans

With a vending management system, you are able to create a custom vending plan to satisfy everyone. The system tracks the items that are constantly being bought. It then offers customized meal selections based on those items, that way you don’t have to buy food that people aren’t going to eat.

Environmentally Friendly

The vending machine management system that we offer is environmentally friendly. It has a 50% carbon reduction with automatic dispatching. The system also offers energy reduction, which will save your company money on the utility bill.

Vending management will make your office vending completely positive, taking away the hassle. Consider adding it to your office today.