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A Warm Drink and a Quick Bite to Eat can Make a Bad Day Better

November means that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Family, appreciation, and thankfulness are a big part of this holiday, but so is food. And there’s a reason that people come together to celebrate togetherness and thanks over a table filled to the brim with delicious food. Good food and good drink have the ability to make us feel good. That doesn’t have to be limited to just the Thanksgiving celebrations, though. A vending machine in your workspace is a great way to help your employees perk themselves up and feel good.

Vending Machines

Think about a great meal and chances are you’ll be salivating, but also thinking about a great time you had with other people. Food brings out the cheerfulness in most people. It brings out warmth and contentedness. Making sure your employees have easy access to healthy snacks throughout the day, can be a great way to raise morale. It may not be a Thanksgiving dinner, but a quick snack can make someone’s dreary day a little better and make them much happier about their work.

Warm Drinks

Nothing can warm up a bad day quite as well as a hot drink. Sometimes, coffee is the best way to clear the cobwebs and get someone’s head in the game. And a hot chocolate may be exactly what you need to feel warm and fuzzy, even during work day from hell. Bevco offers a range of products that will allow your employees to enjoy these warm beverages whenever they’d like. You can opt for different coffee flavors, teas, and hot chocolate, or just keep things simple with a coffee maker. Either way, having these beverages available can help keep your employees motivated and focused while they’re at work.


If you want to make sure that your employees have great options for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner on those late nights, a micromarket with a variety of options is great. Your employees will have easy access to healthy food on site. This means they can even come together to enjoy their food in shared spaces.

Food and drink can definitely cheer people up and bring them together. So, contact Bevco for your vending needs!