Micro Markets – Value and Variety

Micro Markets are self-service shops offering several benefits and a variety of products that will keep your employees on-site and satisfied.

  • No more breaks or lunch times wasted travelling to and from restaurants or shops
  • Easy access to nutritious meals and healthy food options
  • Automated self-checkout means no need for an attendant
  • Web-based inventory management makes sure your store is always stocked
  • Less maintenance and fewer problems than traditional vending machines

But who should invest in a micro market?

  • Do you employ between 50 to 150 people?
  • Is your location lacking in local meal options?
  • Are you looking for a way to invest in your business and your people?

If so, find out how a micro market works for you by downloading this PDF.

Then be sure to get in touch with Bevco to discuss your micro market options.

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