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Fun Facts to Know About Your Favorite Chocolate Vending Machine Snack

With Valentine’s Day coming up, everyone is going to be eating a lot of chocolate. You don’t have to feel guilty to eating chocolate, as there are actually benefits to eating it. Enjoy your favorite chocolate vending machine snack more often!

First by smelling your chocolate vending machine snack you can help with your relaxation. By smelling the chocolate it increases your theta brain waves, which triggers relaxation.

If you enjoy a chocolate vending machine snack each day, it will decrease your chance of a heart disease by one third. The twist is it has to be a piece of dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate is at it again by helping with weight loss. Your dark chocolate vending machine snack is more filling and lessens the craving of a salty, fatty food. Just be sure to stick to a small portion.

Be sure to tell your dentist this fact. Chocolate has an anti-bacterial effect on the mouth and actually protects against tooth decay.

Chocolate can also help prevent diabetes. Of course the chocolate is dark, but if eaten every day your potential for insulin will decrease.

Your chocolate vending machine snack can also protect you from sunburn. If you eat chocolate with high levels of flavanols, your skin will take twice as long to get red.

One more benefit of chocolate is it can help with productivity. Chocolate increases your blood flow to the key parts of your brain which helps with your performance. It works for both short and long term. Eat a piece during the day at work, to help keep you on track.

Eating a chocolate vending machine snack certainly comes with its benefits and now you can enjoy one every day.